Your DisAease Risk (YDR) is one of the longest running, publicly available health risk assessments on the Internet. Launched in early 2000 and continually updated to the present time, the site offers risk assessments for twelve different cancers plus five other important chronic diseases: heart disease, stroke, diabetes, COPD and osteoporosis.

Developed by chronic disease epidemiologist, Graham Colditz, MD, DrPH, associate director for Prevention and Control at Siteman Cancer Center, the WashU YDR website is conservatively estimated to have reached over 4 million unique visitors since its launch.  Over the past 12 months alone, it has hosted 250,000 unique visits, with 3.7 million page views.

Unique among most evidence-based assessments, YDR has a simple, straightforward interface. The assessment questions can be completed in a matter of minutes without any clinical data, and for each disease, the website offers both a visual and verbal risk estimate as well as personalized tips for prevention and lowering risk of disease.  In published validation studies, the tool has been found to provide well-calibrated estimates of cancer risk and heart disease risk relative to the general population.

WashU offers a non-negotiable, non-exclusive license to assessment wording and logic as well as risk calculation and population prevalence (US) spreadsheets for YDR.  Included under this license is documentation explaining the approach of the calculations and logic, as well as suggestions for potentially lowering your risk of certain diseases.

No software code or design elements are offered under this licensing mechanism. If support services are required, they can be arranged under a separate agreement.

Please use this non-negotiable, non-exclusive license agreement for non-commercial use of the YDR Tool(s).


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