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Good as gold​​​

By Amy on October 27, 2015

OTM Technology 013772 – Gold is one of the world’s best-known precious metals. For thousands of years, it’s been crafted into jewelry, medals and coins. When mixed with alloys, it can take on a white or rose-colored cast, but its natural hue...


That’s a great idea!

By Amy on September 23, 2015

Student-driven IDEA Labs sparks entrepreneurial innovations designed to improve medical care Founded in 2013, IDEA (Innovation, Design and Engineering in Action) Labs is a student-driven bioengineering design and entrepreneurship incubator. It wor...

Antibiotics for MRSA

Combo of 3 antibiotics can kill deadly staph infections​​​

By Amy on September 16, 2015

Three antibiotics that, individually, are not effective against a drug-resistant staph infection can kill the deadly pathogen when combined as a trio, according to new research.  The researchers, at Washington University School of Medicine in St. ...