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WashU Celebration of Inventors 2024

On April 25, 2024, the Office of Technology Management hosted the seventh annual Celebration of Inventors, an event to honor and recognize Washington University inventors, researchers and faculty entrepreneurs.  Honorees included 2023 United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) awardees; National Academy of Inventors Fellows and Senior Members; and the recipient of the 2024 Chancellor’s Award for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

National Academy of Inventors Fellows 2023

David T. Curiel, MD, PhD

James W. Janetka, PhD

National Academy of Inventors Senior Members 2024

Hong Chen, PhD

Jonathan R. Silva, PhD

The 2024 Chancellor’s Award for Innovation and Entrepreneurship was presented to John F. DiPersio, MD, PhD, the Virginia E. and Sam J. Golman Endowed Professor of Oncology by Provost Beverly Wendland.
Photo highlights from the seventh annual Celebration of Inventors, April 25, 2024.
Patent NameInventors
Methods of Polypeptide Identification, and Compositions ThereforRobi D. Mitra
Opto-Mechanical System and Method Having Chaos Induced Stochastic Resonance and Opto-Mechanically Mediated Chaos TransferLan Yang, Sahin Kaya Ozdemir, Bo Peng, Faraz Monifi
Goggle Imaging Systems and MethodsSamuel I. Achilefu, Yang Liu, Viktor Gruev, Joseph P. Culver, Walter John Akers, Adam Bauer
System and Method For Task-Less Mapping Of Brain ActivityEric Claude Leuthardt, Nicholas Szrama, Carl Hacker, Timothy Laumann, Maurizio Corbetta, Abraham Z. Snyder
Three Dimensional Electrospun Biomedical Patch for Facilitating Tissue RepairMatthew R. MacEwan
Methods for Treating Alzheimer’s DiseaseTimothy M. Miller, Sarah DeVos, C. Frank Bennett, Frank Rigo
Administration of Nicotinamide Mononucleotide in the Treatment of DiseaseShin-ichiro Imai, Rajendra Apte
Treatment of Cardiovascular Disease Using ACTRII Ligand TrapsKeith A. Hruska, Yifu Fang, William Smith, Nianhang Chen
Compositions and Methods of Use of Antibacterial Drug CombinationsGautam Dantas, Patrick Gonzales, Kevin Forsberg, Mitchell Pesesky, Mayland Chang, Shahriar Mobashery
Acceptance, Commissioning, and Ongoing Benchmarking of a Linear Accelerator (LINAC) Using an Electronic Portal Imaging Device (EPID)Sridhar Yaddanapudi, Sreekrishna M. Goddu, Sasa Mutic, Todd Pawlicki
Acceptance, Commissioning, and Ongoing Benchmarking of a Linear Accelerator (LINAC) Using an Electronic Portal Imaging Device (EPID)Sridhar Yaddanapudi, Sreekrishna M. Goddu, Sasa Mutic, Todd Pawlicki
Biosynthesis Method With Host Cell and Quality Control SystemFuzhong Zhang, Yi Xiao
Compositions and Methods for Targeted Cytokine DeliveryAlexander S. Krupnick, Eric Lazear, Daved H. Fremont
Methods and Compositions for Detection of Enterovirus D68Gregory A. Storch, Todd N. Wylie, Kristine M. Wylie
Foot DeviceMichael D. Weiss
Synthetic Plasmodium Antigens, Compositions, and Uses ThereofNiraj H. Tolia, John H. Adams, Christopher L. King, Edwin Chen, Nichole Diane Salinas, Miriam Thankam George, Francis B. Ntumngia, Samantha Jones Barnes
Noninvasive Three-Dimensional Imaging of Uterine ElectrophysiologyPhillip S. Cuculich, Alison Gale Cahill, Alan L. Schwartz, Yong Wang
Preparative Electrophoretic Method for Targeted Purification of Genomic DNA FragmentsRobi D. Mitra, Ezra S. Abrams, Todd J. Barbera, T. Christian Boles, Jeffrey D. Milbrandt
Real Time Monitoring and Prediction of Motion in MRINico U. Dosenbach, Jonathan Koller, Andrew Van, Abraham Z. Snyder, Amy Mirro, Damien Fair, Eric Earl, Rachel Klein, Oscar Miranda Dominguez, Anders Perrone
System and Method for Multi-Modality Quantification of Neuroinflammation in Central Nervous System DiseasesYong Wang, Qing Wang, Tammie Lee Smith Benzinger
System and Method for Virtual Reality Data Integration and Visualization for 3D Imaging and Instrument Position DataJonathan Silva, Jennifer Silva
Antibodies to Zika Virus and Methods of Use ThereofMichael Diamond, Daved H. Fremont, Haiyan Zhao, Estefania Fernandez, Derek Jerome Platt, Christopher A. Nelson
Methods of Protein Docking and Rational Drug DesignGregory R. Bowman
AP4 and Methods of Promoting T Cell ActivationTakeshi Egawa, Chun Chou
Synthesis of Aerosol Gels Comprising Macro-Aggregates in a Buoyancy-Opposed Flame Reactor by a Diffusion-Limiting Cluster Aggregating ProcessRajan K. Chakrabarty, Pai Liu
Compositions Comprising a Modified GlcNAc-1-Phosphotransferase and Methods of Use ThereofStuart A. Kornfeld, Lin Liu, Wang Lee, Balraj Doray
Incorporation of Internal Polya-Encoded Poly-Lysine Sequence Tags and Their Variations for the Tunable Control of Protein Synthesis in Bacterial and Eukaryotic CellsSergej Djuranovic, Rachel Green
Large-Scale Networks of Growth Transform NeuronsShantanu Chakrabartty, Ahana Gangopadhyay
Activation of Natural Cyotoxicity Receptor 2 (NCR2) Marco Colonna, Alexander D. Barrow
Use of Fatty Acid Oxidation Inhibitors as AntimicrobialsJennifer A. Philips, Pallavi Chandra, Kathryn Moore, Mireille Ouimet
Methods and Systems for Noninvasive and Localized Brain Liquid Biopsy Using Focused UltrasoundEric Claude Leuthardt, Gavin P. Dunn, Hong Chen, Allegra Petti
Nanoemulsion and Methods of Use ThereofShabaana Abdul Khader, Mushtaq Ahmed, Ali Fattom, Douglas Smith, Tarek Hamouda
Compositions and Methods of Treatment Using Nicotinamide MononucleotideShin-ichiro Imai, Alessia Grozio
Compounds and Methods for Treating Bacterial InfectionsJames W. Janetka, Vasilios Kalas, Scott James Hultgren, Jerry Pinkner, Amarendar Reddy Maddirala, Vishnu Damalanka
Small Molecule Regulators of Mitochondrial Fusion and Methods of Use ThereofGerald W. Dorn
Supervised Classifier for Optimizing Target for Neuromodulation, Implant Localization, and AblationEric Claude Leuthardt, Carl Hacker, Shan H. Siddiqi, Timothy Laumann, Andy Glenn Sanchez Daniel
Fully Integrated Parity-Time Symmetric ElectronicsXuan Zhang, Lan Yang, Weidong Cao, Weijian Chen
Novel In Vitro And In Vivo Enrichment Strategy Targeting Lymphocytes Derived From Vector Transduced HSCS For Therapy Of DisordersJohn F. DiPersio, Jeffrey A. Medin, Murtaza S. Nagree
MicroprobeLan Yang, Fang-Jie Shu, Xuefeng Jiang, Guangming Zhao
ML-Based Methods for Pseudo-CT and HR MR Image EstimationChunjoo (Justin) Park, Sasa Mutic, Hao Zhang, Olga Green
Methods of Treating Based on Site-Specific Tau PhosphorylationNicolas Barthelemy, Randall John Bateman, Eric McDade
Microscale-Bipolar-Interface-Enabled PH Gradients in Electrochemical DevicesZhongyang Wang, Vijay K. Ramani, Javier Parrondo, Shrihari Sankarasubramanian
Split Intein Mediated Protein Polymerization for Microbial Production of MaterialsFuzhong Zhang, Christopher H. Bowen, Bin Dai
Compositions and Methods of Making and Using Protein-Functionalized HydrogelsAmit Pathak, Bapi Sarker
Methods and Apparatus for Wireless Power Delivery and Remote Sensing Using Self-CapacitancesShantanu Chakrabartty, Yarub Alazzawi, Kenji Aono, Erica L. Scheller
Barbed Mesh for Incision Closure and Hernia RepairJohn Felder
Methods of Detecting, Measuring, or Imaging a Concentration or Location of a Therapeutic AgentHong Chen, Yaoheng Yang, Jeffrey F. Williamson
Methods and Compositions for Treatment of CancerMatthew J. Christopher, John F. DiPersio, Timothy J. Ley, Allegra Petti, Michael P. Rettig
Polarization Division Multiplexed (PDM) Communication Systems and Devices and Methods of Use ThereofRoger Dean Chamberlain, Darko Ivanovich, Viktor Gruev
Materials and Methods for Photothermal Membrane DistillationYoung-Shin Jun, Srikanth Singamaneni, Xuanhao Wu, Qisheng Jiang
Materials and Methods for Implementing Immunoassay on Microneedle Patch for Detection and Quantification of Bioanalytes in Interstitial FluidSrikanth Singamaneni, Zheyu Wang, Jingyi Luan
Passive and Compact Liquid Metal Heat SwitchPatricia B. Weisensee, Mehran Abolghasemibizaki, Junhui Li
Methods of Image Reconstruction to Reduce Artifacts in Rapid CBCT ScansChunjoo (Justin) Park, Bin Cai, Sasa Mutic
Methods and Devices to Generate [F-18]Triflyl Fluoride and Other [F-18] Sulfonyl FluoridesDong Zhou
Near Infrared Fluorescent Dyes, Formulations and Related MethodsSamuel I. Achilefu, Rui Tang, Duanwen Shen, Avik Som, Baogang Xu, Gail Sudlow, Christopher Egbulefu, Partha Karmakar, Kexian Liang
Barbed Rod for Linear Tissue Closure and ApproximationJohn Felder
2023 Patents and Patent Awardees
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