WashU Celebration of Inventors 2023

On May 11, 2023, the Office of Technology Management hosted the sixth annual Celebration of Inventors, an event to honor and recognize Washington University inventors, researchers and faculty entrepreneurs.  Honorees included 2022 United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) awardees and the National Academy of Inventors fellows and senior member. This year’s event also recognized the recipients of the Chancellor’s Award for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 2021 and 2023.

National Academy of Inventors Fellows 2022

Guy M. Genin, PhD

Farshid Guilak, PhD

National Academy of Inventors Senior Member 2023

Lan Yang, PhD

Chancellor’s Award for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

2021 recipients: Aaron DiAntonio, MD, PhD and Jeffrey Milbrandt, MD, PhD

2023 recipients: David T. Curiel, MD, PhD and Michael S. Diamond, MD, PhD

Sixty total patents were awarded to Washington University in 2022, representing 163 total inventors and over 22 different departments across the University. Patent awardees and their patent names are listed below.

Patent TitleInventors
Methods and Compositions for Improving Exercise Endurance, Performance, or ToleranceRita Brookheart | Brian Finck
Split Intein Mediated Polymerization and Production of Mussel Foot Adhesive Protein Materials Fuzhong Zhang | Eugene Kim
Peptide-Polynucleotide-Hyaluronic Acid Nanoparticles and Methods for Polynucleotide TransfectionChristine Pham | Huimin Yan
Methods And Apparatus For Improving The Image Resolution And Sensitivity Of Whole-Body Positron Emission Tomography (PET) ImagingYuan-Chuan Tai |Ke Li | Joseph O’Sullivan| Qiang Wang
CDPK1 Inhibitors, Compositions, and Methods Related TheretoL. David Sibley |James W. Janetka |Allen T. Hopper | Jonathan Helander
Label-Free Detection of Renal CancerSrikanth Singamaneni |Chang Hee Lee |Evan David Kharasch |Jeremiah J. Morrissey
Label-Free Detection of Renal CancerSrikanth Singamaneni |Chang Hee Lee |Evan David Kharasch |Jeremiah J. Morrissey
Neurosteroids and Enantiomers Thereof for the Prevention and Treatment of Neurodegenerative ConditionsDouglas Covey |Yukitoshi Izumi |Charles Zorumski 
Systems for Producing Radionuclides Using Minimal Target MaterialGregory Gaehle 
Balloon Encapsulation and Isovolumetric Suction Thrombectomy Catheter and Methods ThereofEric Leuthardt |Gayan De Silva |Guy Genin |Sanghun Lee | Joshua Osbun |Dillon Williams |Alexander Wirtz | Mohamed Zayed
Triblock Copolymer Based Anion Exchange Membranes (AEMs) as Separators in Electrochemical DevicesZhongyang Wang |Javier Parrondo | Vijay Ramani 
Compositions and Methods for Treatment of Pre-Cancerous Skin LesionsLynn Cornelius | Shadmehr Demehri |Raphael Kopan 
Biomedical Patches With Aligned FibersMatthew MacEwan |Wilson Ray |Younan Xia |Jingwei Xie
Single-Impulse Panoramic Photoacoustic Computed Tomography (SIP-PACT)Lihong Wang |Lei Li |Cheng Ma |Liren Zhu 
System and Methods for Detecting Embedded Target Elements Using Signal InterferenceShantanu Chakrabartty |Yarub Alazzawi |Keng-Ku Liu |Srikanth Singamaneni |Mingquan Yuan 
Atlas Registration for Resting State Network Mapping in Patients With Brain TumorsEric Leuthardt |Ki Yun Park | Abraham Snyder 
Treatment for Wolfram Syndrome and Other Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress DisordersFumihiko Urano | Amy Clark | Jana Mahadevan
Imaging Nerve Function and Pathologies Using Diffusion Basis Spectrum ImagingSheng-Kwei Song |Tsen-Hsuan Lin |Chunyu Song |William Spees | Peng Sun
Compounds Having RD Targeting Motifs and Methods of Use ThereofSamuel Achilefu | Kexian Liang | Rui Tang 
Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Inhibitors, Methods of Making, and Methods of Use ThereofMichael Holtzman |Benjamin J. Gerovac |Zhenfu Han | Shamus P. Keeler |Arthur Romero |Kangyun Wu
Non-Invasive Imaging and Treatment System for Cardiac ArrhythmiasClifford Robinson |Phillip Cuculich 
Dichromic Fluorescent CompoundsSamuel Achilefu |Mikhail Berezin |Zongren Zhang 
Deep Learning-Assisted Image Reconstruction for Tomographic ImagingMark Anastasio |Brendan Kelly |Thomas Matthews 
Methods of Treating Based on Site-Specific Tau PhosphorylationRandall Bateman |Nicolas Barthelemy |Eric McDade 
Treatment for Bacterial Infections With Salicylic Acid AnalogsJeffrey P. Henderson
Acceptance, Commissioning, and Ongoing Benchmarking of a Linear Accelerator (LINAC) Using an Electronic Portal Imaging Device (EPID)Sridhar Yaddanapudi |Sreekrishna Goddu |Sasa Mutic 
Systems and Methods for Probabilistic BlockchainsRaj Jain |Tara Salman 
Designs of Accurate PM Sensors and Systems for Laboratory & Real Time Calibration/Data InversionPratim Biswas |Jiayu Li 
Automated Apparatus to Improve Image Quality in X-Ray and Associated Method of UseSteven Don| William Clayton 
Detection of CD5 and Methods and Compositions for Modulating CD5Eynav Klechevsky 
Tailored Venous Anastomosis for Arteriovenous GraftsMohamed Zayed |Guy Genin |Eric Leuthardt |Dillon Williams 
Systems, Spherical Rotors, Stators, and Methods of UseAlexander Barnes 
Antibodies to TIP1 and Methods of Use ThereofDennis Hallahan |Vaishali Kapoor |Heping Yan 
Plasmonic Patch as a Universal Fluorescence EnhancerSrikanth Singamaneni |Evan Kharasch |Jingyi Luan |Jeremiah Morrissey
Systems and Methods for Stimulating Sympathetic Nervous SystemEric Leuthardt| Paige Cloonan |Ashwin Kamath |Matthew MacEwan | Amy Moore | Daniel Moran |Yidan (Ida) Qin | Wilson Ray |Christopher Zhang 
Antigens for Detecting Toxoplasma Infection by Monitoring Cellular ImmunityL. David Sibley |Kevin Brown |Iti Saraav |Qiuling Wang 
Chemokine Decoy Receptors of Rodent Gammaherpesviruses and Uses ThereofDaved Fremont |Andrew Gelman |Yun Hsuan Lu |Olga Lubman
Methods and Compositions for Red-Shifted Chromophore Substitution for Optogenetic Applications Joseph Corbo | Jennifer Enright | Matthew Toomey
System and Method for the Validation and Quality Assurance of Computerized Contours of Human AnatomyMichael Altman |Hsin-Chen Chen |James Kavanaugh |Hua Li |Sasa Mutic |Jun Tan
Compositions, Systems and Methods for Cell TherapyFarshid Guilak
Biomedical Patches With Aligned Fibers Matthew MacEwan | Wilson Ray | Younan Xia |Jingwei Xie
Goggle Imaging Systems and MethodsSamuel Achilefu | Walter Akers |Adam Bauer |Joseph Culver |Viktor Gruev |Yang Liu
Fenestrated Stent System and Method of UseMohamed Zayed |Alexander Wirtz
Methods for Quantifying and Enhancing Accuracy in Microscopy Using Measures of Localization ConfidenceMatthew Lew|Hesamaldin Mazidisharfabadi |Arye Nehorai
Mutant Huntingtin-Mediated Protein DysfunctionHiroko Yano
Methods and Systems for Real-Time 3D MRITaeho Kim |Chunjoo (Justin) Park 
Multi-Pixel X-Ray Source with Tungsten-Diamond Transmission TargetTiezhi Zhang |Praneeth Kandlakunta
Diagnostic Methods for Infectious Disease Using Endogenous Gene ExpressionGregory Storch
Intelligent Data Storage and Processing Using FPGA DevicesRonald Indeck |Roger Chamberlain |Sharath Cholleti |Ron Cytron |Mark Franklin 
Prevention of Tissue Ischemia and Related MethodsWilliam Frazier 
Three Dimensional Electrospun Biomedical Patch for Facilitating Tissue RepairMatthew MacEwan
Anti-Neutrophil Activity on Innate Immune ResponseCarlos Puyo |Andrew Gelman
Inhibitors of SARM1 NADase Activity and Uses ThereofJeffrey Milbrandt | Aaron DiAntonio|Kow Essuman |Xianrong Mao |Yo Sasaki
Mutant Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor (TNFR) Ligands and Methods of Making and Using SameSteven Teitelbaum |Daved Fremont|Christopher Nelson|Julia Warren
Systems and Methods for Point-of-Care Positron Emission TomographyYuan-Chuan Tai |Ke Li |Aswin Mathews |Jie Wen
Synthesizing PET Tracers Using [F-18] Sulfonyl Fluoride as a Source of [F-18] FluorideDong Zhou |Wenhua Chu 
Methods for Modulation of Dietary and Microbial Exposure With Compositions Comprising an EGFR LigandRodney Newberry |Kathryn Knoop |Keely McDonald 
Methods to Detect Motor Neuron Disease Comprising Micro-RNAsTimothy Miller |Joseph Dougherty |Mariah Hoye |Theodore Hyman |Erica Koval
Multispectral Imaging Sensors and SystemsViktor Gruev |Nimrod Missael Garcia Hernandez 
Photochemically-Assisted Synthesis of Layered Birnessite (MnO2) NanosheetsYoung-Shin Jun |Haesung Jung
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