Jennifer Richards, PhD

Licensing Associate

As a Licensing Associate, Jennifer Richards is responsible for intellectual property (IP) assessment, protection, marketing, and licensing for a diverse portfolio of innovative technologies developed in the Washington University School of Medicine.  The technologies in Jennifer’s portfolio range from therapeutics and diagnostics to biomedical software and copyrighted clinical assessments, including the AD8 and CDR.

Jennifer earned her BS in Biological Sciences from the University of Missouri-Columbia.  After working as a clinical partner at SSM St. Joseph Health Center, Jennifer decided to pursue a PhD in biomedical research.  She earned her PhD in Pharmacological and Physiological Science at Saint Louis University under the mentorship of Dr. Randy S. Sprague.  Jennifer’s doctoral research focused on the ability of the red blood cell to participate in the regulation of blood flow to areas in skeletal muscle with decreased tissue oxygen content, especially in type 2 diabetes.