The AD8® is a 5-point scale used to characterize six domains of cognitive and functional performance applicable to Alzheimer Disease and related dementias: memory, orientation, judgment & problem solving, community affairs, home & hobbies, and personal care. The AD8® feedback provides descriptive anchors that guide the clinician in making appropriate ratings based on interview data and clinical judgment.

Permission & Licensing Policy

Please select from one of the following options to obtain the appropriate agreement:

I will be using AD8® for:

  1. patient care by a physician (this does NOT grant the right to EHR/EMR system providers to offer the tool in their systems)
  2. academic research that is NOT funded in-whole or in-part by a commercial entity
  3. clinical trials — AD8 clinical trials will require a commercial license. Please contact us and provide the following information to receive the license agreement:
    • Number of subjects in your clinical trial
    • Number of planned administrations of the AD8® per Subject


Qian Zhang Miller, PhD

Business Development Director

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