Craig Weilbaecher, PhD

Business Development Associate

Craig Weilbaecher, PhD, rejoined the OTM as a Business Development Associate in March 2017. Craig started his Tech Transfer career as a Trainee in the OTM in 2012.  In between, Craig spent four years as a Licensing and Business Development Associate at University of Missouri-St. Louis. Before initially joining the OTM, Craig was a co-founder of a startup company and consulted for multiple other biotech startups.

At the OTM, Craig manages a diverse portfolio of technologies from the Engineering and Medical School. In his role, he serves innovators at Washington University by evaluating technology disclosures, protecting legal assets, and providing licensing opportunities.

Craig has his PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Missouri-Columbia. His research focus was on designing and developing biosensors/biomaterials for medical and biodefense applications.