Eric Leuthardt
Nichole Mercier


Liz Peek

2021 Cohort (Pilot) Inventors

Shantanu Chakrabartty — Free Dynamics
Free Dynamics developed a battery-free system driven by quantum dynamics to enable sensing, memory and security applications in silicon. Zero power timers and sensors to provide battery free cold-chain monitoring, asset tracking, and dynamic authentication that is immune to power-based side channel attacks. 

Eric Leuthardt — Sora Neurosciences
Sora Neurosciences developed an artificial intelligence-driven software platform to map and analyze the brain’s functional networks. Using the brain’s “intrinsic, functionally connected activity” captured in an efficient “resting state” functional MRI (“fMRI”) scan, patients rest in the MRI scanner as compared to the outmoded “task-based” method.

Eric Leuthardt/Camilo Molina — Kinexus
Kinexus is a mobile application to collect patient location, position, activity level, activity intensity, biomechanical, and biometric data (i.e., heart rate and blood pressure) to construct a continuous longitudinal representation of functionality, pre and post-surgical intervention, and human movement and performance assessment.

Joe Culver — EsperImage
EsperImage created a wearable optical brain imaging (WOBI) systems to provide a point of care continuous map of brain function, across a range of clinical care settings. Instead of an fMRI style single “snap shot,” WOBI provides longitudinal, regional monitoring of neurological status.

Hong Chen — Liquid Brain Biopsy
The Chen Laboratory’s technology is used for a focused ultrasound with microbubbles to noninvasively disrupt the blood-brain barrier, releasing brain-specific molecular biomarkers into the bloodstream for diagnosis.


The National Security Academic Accelerator (NSA2) mission is to create new dual use technologies for both the United States Department of Defense (DOD) and private sector customers. NSA2 provides funding and resources to accelerate venture creation and technology translation as well as access to feedback, advisors and potential partners in the DOD and private industry.

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