Women in Innovation and Technology

The Women in Innovation & Technology program aims to close the gender gap in invention disclosure and commercialization at Washington University.

WIT-01 - Graphic only

In 2014, the Office of Technology Management (OTM) began the Women in Innovation and Technology (WIT) program to address the persistent under‐representation of women in the inventor/commercialization process.  At the inception of the program, Human Resources reported that 35% of WashU faculty was female, yet OTM estimates female inventors submit less than 5% of WashU invention disclosures.

WIT educates female faculty on how to navigate the commercialization process while also introducing various resources within the local community.  Various events throughout the year afford attendees the opportunities to learn about the commercialization process, grow their commercialization networks and branch out into community-sponsored events.  Stay tuned for upcoming events!

For more info, please contact us at 314-747-0920 or via email.