The tech transfer trainee program candidates to a broad range of technology transfer related activities in order for them to acquire skills and experience in the commercial development of research discoveries.


Phase 1 (Months 1-2) – Observe, intake & shadow

  • Read, observe, and preform tasks to understand the business, legal, and scientific considerations of the job
  • Shadow a mentor as he/she conducts routine case management
  • Become familiarized with reference reading about Bayh-Dole, patent, Association of University Technology Managers manual information

Phase 2 (Months 3-4) – Project driven
Conduct various parts of case management with direction

  • Conduct inventor meetings, complete tech assessments with the critical information pertaining to legal, business and science considerations
  • Perform perfunctory, straightforward case management and understand the some of the critical questions to ask in more complicated cases
  • Negotiate simple contracts such as Material Transfer Agreements and Confidentiality Disclosure Agreements

Phase 3 (Months 5-6) – Demonstration of skills 

  • Handle cases on his/her own using the BDD mentor as a guide and checkpoint
  • Handle more complicated case management and understand the critical questions and the gaps that need to be filled in such cases

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