OTM Office Hours: Intellectual Property 101

August 10, 2023
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Office of Technology Management, 4240 Duncan Ave. Suite 110, St. Louis, Missouri 63110

Are you working on an innovation you think should be spun out into a startup? What resources are available to help? How can you become involved in the innovation ecosystem in St. Louis?

Join us for “OTM Office Hours”, a program series from the Washington University Office of Technology Management covering the latest topics in tech transfer and innovation.

The OTM Office Hours series is back on August 10th with “Intellectual Property 101”. Our panel of OTM experts will cover the basics of intellectual property, including how the process works at Washington University. You’ll learn how to submit a disclosure, what makes something patentable, and what factors can affect the journey to receiving a patent.  Don’t miss this opportunity to learn all about intellectual property in the tech transfer process. And once we wrap, we’ll head to Venture Café in the same building!

We welcome our OTM panelists:

Mike McCay, PhD

Mike McCay, PhD

Director of Patent Management

Mike McCay, PhD, is the Director of Patent Management at Washington University’s Office of Technology Management (OTM) and is a USPTO-licensed patent agent. OTM’s Patent Management group prepares and prosecutes patent applications directed to a variety of technologies developed by Washington University creators. Mike has worked as a patent practitioner for over fifteen years at the intellectual property practices of two St. Louis law firms as well as at OTM. Previously, Mike worked as a biosimulation engineer at Entelos, a biotech start-up in the San Francisco Bay area, where he helped develop predictive computational models of diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and exercise-induced fatigue used by pharmaceutical industry clients for the identification of potential drug targets as well as the design of clinical trials. In addition, Mike worked as an aeronautical engineer at McDonnell-Douglas Aircraft Company (now Boeing), where he developed computer simulations of the flight dynamics of various fighter aircraft and assessed aircraft stability and control characteristics based on wind tunnel testing of scaled models, manned flight simulator evaluations, and flight testing of prototype fighter aircraft.

Catherine VanEngelen, PhD, is a Patent Agent in the Patent Management group at Washington University’s Office of Technology Management (OTM). Catherine has ten years of experience as a USPTO-licensed patent agent, and prior to joining OTM was part of the intellectual property practice at Armstrong Teasdale in St. Louis. She earned her BS in Chemistry from Xavier University, MS in Chemical Engineering from Washington State University, and PhD in Chemical and Biological Engineering from Montana State University. Her research has included alkaline hydrolysis of explosives as well as characterization of extremophilic bacteria from Yellowstone alkaline hot springs in conjunction with the Thermal Biology Institute and the Center for Biofilm Engineering. As part of OTM’s Patent Management group, Catherine prepares and prosecutes patent applications directed to a variety of technologies developed by Washington University creators.

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